PINK pure natural energy now also available at Globus

PINK pure natural energy now also available at Globus

At this point we would like to provide you regularly not only with the latest news, but above all with information about which new trade partners have added PINK pure natural energy to their product range and where you can get it.

PINK now available at Globus in Wiesbaden & Rüsselsheim

We are very pleased that the first two Globus hypermarkets in Wiesbaden-Nordenstadt and in Rüsselsheim have added our drink PINK pure naural energy to their assortment and that you can get it there immediately.

With Globus a new, big partner has been added, where you can buy your PINK 100% natural and vegan re-energizing soft drink. The company Globus supports us as a young start-up and we are very happy about this support.

The first rush was already so big that the drink was sold out after a few days. But don’t worry, the supply is secured. And should there be no PINK available… PINK is of course also available in our shop.